Interceptor® Plus Level A Encapsulating and Non-Encapsulating Suits Are Your First Line of Defense Against Extreme Chemical Hazards

Interceptor Plus is the Top Level Protection in Lakeland® Chemical Protective Clothing

Available in both Level A encapsulating and non-encapsulating configurations there is an Interceptor Plus style for your needs - be it gas, vapor, aerosol, liquids, harmful contaminants or particulate protection.

Supported by PermaSURE® - Mobile Friendly Chemical Toxicity Risk Database

This next generation of Interceptor® fabric is now compatible with the PermaSURE® Toxicity Risk Modeller, giving you access to the most comprehensive chemical database in the industry.

  • Free, mobile-friendly online tool
  • Models permeation rates and provides safe-use times by incorporating environmental, temperature and chemical exposure factors.
  • State-of-the-art technology developed initially by leading Polymer chemists for defense forces to quickly determine which suits are needed for various chemical warfare agents and dual-use chemicals.
  • Based on the known molecular characteristics and behavior of 4000+ chemicals interacting with. Read more about PermaSURE®

Level A Pressure Test Kits Are Available From Lakeland

Watch the tutorial video on Level A pressure testing.

Fentanyl: Protection for First Responders and Law Enforcement

Due to the Fentanyl opioid crisis, the risk of exposure to law enforcement, first responders, medical and prison personnel is extremely high. Learn more about the crisis and the recommended Interceptor® Plus products that can help protect you.

Interceptor® Plus Brand Features

  • Made from a high strength nonwoven with non-halogenated films on either side.
  • High loft, polyester, buffer/diffusion layer in the center
  • Specifically developed for protection against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
  • Lab tested against more than 100 chemicals. More than 90% with no observed permeation after eight hours of continuous contact.
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Interceptor® Plus Specifications
  • Seam Types: Double taped/sealed
  • Garment Materials: Proprietary film; Needle punch PET; EVOH
  • Face Shield Materials: 40 mil PVC; 10 mil Teflon (PTFE)
  • Colors: Blue and gray (gray made to order, only)
  • Garment Configurations: Encapsulated level A with regular and wide-view face shield options, coveralls, hoods
  • High Exposure | High Risk
  • Hazmat, Non-Certified
  • Ammonia Response