Oil & Gas

What are the Oil and Gas Industries?

The oil and gas industries are financially one of the largest sectors in the world. Although this market has many unique metrics and complex jargon, it can be broken down quite simply. 90% of the oil and gas industry is divided into upstream and downstream companies. Upstream focuses on exploration and drilling wells, that flow through pipelines and then to transportation or crude haulers. Downstream companies pick up from there at refineries by processing crude into fuel or taking hydrocarbons and refining it into derivatives. Turnarounds (shutting down a refinery to inspect and clean equipment) are another crucial event in the maintenance of these facilities.

Hazards employees face daily in the oil and gas industry are flames, flash fires, and harmful chemicals or fumes.

The number of dangers and complexities within petrochemical plants and refineries would concern even the most seasoned safety professionals. The multiple changes required during turnarounds and at petrochemical plants mean cost is a critical factor in the PPE decisions made. PPE in this industry should combine protection and comfort at an affordable price. Lakeland helps safety managers by offering protective apparel that complies with standards while balancing employee safety and comfort with cost.

Oil rig standing atop a hill with a deep perspective of valleys and hills lying below in the distance

What PPE is Recommended for Oil and Gas?

FR Cotton Coveralls offer an economical and lightweight protection with dual-certification.

Lakeland FR coveralls made with Westex® DH are NFPA 2112, UL certified and meets NFPA 70E PPE Category 2, making it an excellent choice for arc flash and flash fire protection.

Pyrolon® Plus 2 disposable garments are UL certified to the ISEA 203 Secondary FR Garment standard. These garments are flame resistant, and repel oil and water.

When light chemical splash is a concern, Pyrolon® CRFR combines chemical resistance with flame resistance, will not melt or drip, and features tape/heat sealed seams.

Pyrolon® CBFR disposable garments are designed to protect primary FR gear while providing secondary FR protection with self-extinguishing fabric. This garment offers an advanced chemical barrier for the highest hold-out.

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