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Lakeland Classic FR showing layering system
Classic FR
Lakeland High Performance FR
Lightweight Inherently FR Fabric
FR/AR Layering System
Economical FR Protection
Moisture Wicking Technology
Reflectivity Options
Athletic Fit

Why Lakeland FR?

When flashfire is a concern, choose the best flame-resistant (FR) workwear to protect your people. Primary FR workwear is designed to prevent or slow the transfer of heat energy from the source to the wearers’ skin, minimizing burn injury and providing primary flame and heat protection. Lakeland’s wide selection of FR workwear ranges from basic to premium, high performance garments certified to NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, and ANSI 107. Our economical FR offerings, such as standard coveralls, are ideal for contract workers and infrequent wearers looking for quality protection.

For exceptional FR protection and unparalleled style, Lakeland’s line of high-performance FR workwear features a full layering system, permanent moisture-wicking technology, and advanced designs. Classically tailored for a more accurate fit, Lakeland offers a complete line of FR knit shirts and pants for men and women.

Lakeland's FR/AR Layering System

Whether you’re working on a sizzling summer day or in -10 degrees, Lakeland’s FR/AR layering system offers the performance, protection, and comfort you need. Permanent moisture wicking properties engineered with inherently FR fabrics ensure your year-round comfort and safety.
FR Layering - Layer 2

Base Layer

The base layer offers moisture-wicking capabilities, to pull sweat away from the skin.

Mid Layer

The mid layer offers versatile styling and provides an extra layer of insulation for diverse weather conditions.

Outer Layer

The outer layer continues to pull moisture away from the inner layers, to allow faster drying times while being wind and water resistant.

High Performance FR

Classic FR

Eagle FR

FR Workwear Designed for Performance

Have questions about which line of flame resistant workwear is right for you? Speak with a Lakeland specialist to see if your organization is eligible for a wear trial.

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