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Quality Hi-Visibility Clothing for Low-Light Hazards

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Primary fire-resistant clothing is designed to protect against flame and heat hazards, while secondary fire-resistant clothing is to be worn over primary FR clothing to provide other protection - for example, chemical protection - without compromising the primary FR protection. Lakeland offers a complete line of Flame Resistant and Arc Flash Rated garments, constructed with a wide selection of comfort fabric and style.
With both Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) configurations, Lakeland’s Arc X® line of FR/AR rainwear has superior puncture, tear and abrasion resistance, reinforced with high frequency sealed seams for maximum strength.

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About Hi-Vis

High visibility garments help prevent environmental accidents by increasing visibility through reflective pigments and fluorescent apparel, providing contrast between the worker and surrounding job site elements. Most frequently used when alerting drivers and other equipment operators, high visibility apparel reduces the risk of incidental injury.

Along with minimizing visual obstruction, enhanced safety features within the garment design assist in accessibility and flexibility. Built-in pen slots and communication tool pockets increase worker efficiency. Lighter fabric and ventilation increase the comfort of the garment.

Durability plays a major role in the lifespan of high visibility apparel. If faded, torn or overly worn, the garment could hinder the wearer’s safety.

Maximize reflectivity and visibility in even the darkest conditions by choosing a high visibility design with optimal comfort and protection.

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High Visibility
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