ChemMax® Chemical Hazard Evaluation

Confidence in Your Chemical Protection

When handling chemical substances, your team should have reliable, data-backed hazmat suits.

Evaluating the right type of protection is a multi-step process: identifying the hazard and potential points of contamination, analyzing testing data, and selecting a hazmat suit that will fit the needs of your application.

Lakeland’s ChemMax Chemical Protection resources help you find the right hazmat suit configuration. 

From test results on our ChemMax chemical suits to permeation data modelling with PermaSURE®, you can be confident in the chemical protection you provide to your team. 

Chemical Search

Know the chemical you're handling? Browse permeation, penetration, and other relevant test data on Lakeland products.

Lakeland Fabrics

Lakeland chemical suits utilize an assortment of high-quality materials to Protect Your People. Learn more about our fabrics here.

Calculate Safe-Use Times with PermaSURE

For more robust modelling that will help you determine safe-wear times, download the PermaSURE app.

Chemical Suits

Need chemical protection for your team? Lakeland's range of chemical PPE is suited for many applications and hazards. Let us guide you in the selection right here.

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