Worker Safety is Our Priority

Protect Your People with Quality PPE

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Why Lakeland?

Shield in front of a construction worker depicting Lakeland Industries keeping their motto, Protect Your People

Passion for Protecting
Your People

We understand the need to protect your people to the highest standard. Our priority is designing and manufacturing quality protective clothing that takes comfort and safety into account.
A Hand holding a globe with location pins in it showing Lakeland Industries global reach

Making a
Global Impact

With production facilities in five countries and warehouses placed strategically around the world, Lakeland is truly a multinational company that understands the needs of global organizations.
A lakeland package with a star above it depicting the care that Lakeland Industries takes with every shipment of protective clothing

Reliable Inventory, Consistent Quality

Our control over manufacturing and materials allows Lakeland to better serve our customers with a higher level of transparency into production and shipping.

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