Lakeland High Performance FR

Lakeland High-Performance FR apparel offers dual-certified protective apparel with advanced moisture-wicking technology and lightweight design with maneuverability in mind. With a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers, Lakeland High-Performance FR garments ensure permanent moisture wicking in each layer of garment. Our layering system improves the ability to maintain body temperature and outlast environmental elements.

Moisture Management

With a special blend of hydrophobic fibers and hydrophilic fibers in every garment layer, Lakeland High-Performance FR provides optimal protection through heat and cold weather elements.

Art of Layering

With the added benefits of lightweight fabrics, inherent FR properties, and permanent moisture-wicking technology, Lakeland High-Performance FR garments increase CAT/CAL protection through different layering combinations.

Advanced Features

Designed to accommodate a more accurate fit, Lakeland High-Performance FR apparel is constructed with optimized flexibility, function, and comfort.

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