Data-based safe-wear time modelling tool for Lakeland chemical suits

How Long Is Your Team Actually Safe in Their PPE?

During the process of evaluating a chemical suit, we often hear customers ask for permeation test breakthrough results on a specific chemical hazard. Traditional or common methods of choosing PPE often look to these data points to help keep workers safe – but these results often don’t give the full story.

For that, you’re going to want a more comprehensive set of data – something that considers more than just the fabric of the chemical suit. A tool that factors in environmental conditions, such as temperature, and provides you with a more well-rounded assessment of the hazard your chemical suits are protecting against.

Introducing PermaSURE V4: a smartphone app that offers an easy-to-use, safe-wear time calculations for thousands of chemicals in relation to select Lakeland chemical suits.

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Lakeland Chemical Suits & PermaSURE V4

The Directory of Chemical Producers estimates over 21,000 different chemicals are produced globally to be used as feedstocks, processing agents, catalysts, or end-use products in industry worldwide. Many are hazardous, with even limited contamination having potential to cause a range of chronic and often life-changing health consequences.

PermaSURE® V4, in conjunction with Lakeland chemical suits ChemMax® 3, ChemMax® 4 Plus, and Interceptor® Plus provides users with a never-before-available ability to assess how long a chemical suit is safe to wear against over 2,400 widely-used chemicals.

Get Down to Basics: What is PermaSURE V4?

A simple smartphone app with an advanced molecular modeller at its heart, PermaSURE® is available for iOS and Android devices.
It enables users to quickly establish whether the selected Lakeland chemical suit will provide sufficient protection against any of over 2,400 chemicals in the system – helping you more accurately assess safe-wear times for your employees. With a quick analysis of the available chemical suits, the duration of the task at hand, and the chemical hazard being encountered, PermaSURE can help you easily select the most effective and cost-efficient option for your workers.

The Use Case for PermaSURE V4

Current selection of chemical suits is often focused on the permeation resistance test breakthrough. While this test (ASTM F739 or EN 6529) makes a useful contribution, used as a sole selection tool it is flawed for several reasons:

For more details on assessing safe-wear times and the role of permeation resistance test breakthrough results, check out this article.
The permeation test provides limited and insufficient information to make sound judgment about whether a chemical suit is safe to wear. PermaSURE® V4 address all these by:
Calculating permeation through fabric
PermaSURE calculates permeation through the fabric volume over time and takes temperature into account.
Calculating inward leakage
Protection factors, based on inward leakage test data, are used to calculate the likely ingress of vapor.
Calculating total inward leakage
A total inward leakage including permeation and vapor ingress is calculated.
Comparing TIL with toxicological data
TIL is used to identify the time at which transient, permanent, and fatal effects may be reached.
Safe-wear times outputted
PermaSURE outputs the times TL 1, 2 and 3 are reached, using colored bars for easy analysis.
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