ChemMax 3 Encapsulating PAPR Suit

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Fully-encapsulating ChemMax 3 suit with multi-layer high chemical barrier fabric to be worn with the e-breath Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

  • A combination of the high-level protection of an encapsulating suit with the superior comfort derived from full breathability and without the restricted mobility suffered by air-line supplied suits. Ideal for protection against splashes and strong sprays of high hazard chemicals, infectious agents, and hazardous dusts.

  • Jointly certified with the P.M. Atemshutz ‚“e-breathe" Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) to EN 12941*. Achieves a classification of TH3 – Inward leakage less than 0.2%. Also Certified to EN chemical protective clothing Types 3, 4, 5 and 6, infectious agent standard EN 14126, and anti-static standard EN 1149.

  • ChemMax 3 fabric features a multi-layer layer high barrier polymer film structure which is light and flexible whilst offering effective protection against a broad range of high hazard chemicals. The co-extrusion production method produces a smooth and flexible fabric allowing chemicals to flow away easily.

  • Design & features include fully sealed stitched & taped seams, internally worn e-breathe PAPR unit (available separately), display screen viewing window, air-feed to hood with over-shoulder or over-head options, semi-permeable collar to maintain priority air supply in the hood for breathing purposes, all round visibility visor, emergency rip-tape, and arm-to-arm front closure with double storm flap.

  • Use with Permasure‚® V4 to calculate whole-suit Safe-Wear Times based on times to reach transient, temporary and possible fatal effects for over 2,400 chemicals

Also available in grey with attached boots and non slip sole (CT3SPAR02)

*Note: It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the selected filters for the PAPR provide the correct protection and will filter out any harmful contaminants in the atmosphere.

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ChemMax 3 Encapsulating PAPR Suit

ChemMax 3 Encapsulating PAPR Suit

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