Why Packaging Matters for Cleanroom Apparel and Safe Donning

How a cleanroom garment is packaged is critical for the safety and integrity of your people and your controlled environment. It’s not enough to have a clean and sterile manufacturing process, the packaging process must also be designed to:

  • Reduce excursions
  • Decrease gowning time and error
  • Safeguard against contamination

It is critical that the packaging must not contribute to the particle load on the garment. Here are a few key things you should consider in regards to packaging as you re-evaluate your garment supplier.

Cleanroom Garment Packaging Designed to Reduce Excursions

Reducing excursions is your top priority and having a garment manufacturer that designs the garments and packaging to help you do so is essential for your success.

Lakeland CleanMax products are packaged to ensure maximum garment protection.

  • Each package includes an easy open strip allowing for less handling when removing the garment from packaging during the donning process.
  • All Coveralls are folded and left unzipped to allow for easier donning.
  • All garments are individually packaged without excessive wrinkling and to maintain cleanliness.
  • The packaging can be wiped down with IPA without the fear of the print smearing or creating cross contamination.
  • All individually packaged garments are placed in a sealed heavy-duty outer bag to protect the integrity of the garment and to facilitate staged entry into the gown room cleanroom.
  • The coveralls and frocks are positioned so wearers can only grab the inside of the garment, right below the collar area. This eliminates any contamination on the exterior surface.
  • As the garment is pulled out of the packaging, the folded garment will fall easily, ready for the next step in the donning process.
  • The bib on the hood is folded over so wearers can remove the hood from the package and don by touching only the inside of the garment.
  • Boots are packaged in pairs with the upper of the boot folded over so the wearer can grab the boot by the inside of the upper to easily slide over shoes and up the calf.

Protect your cleanroom and/or controlled environment, your product and your people with packaging and garments designed to minimize excursions and contamination.

There is an important difference between ‘sterile’ and ‘clean and sterile’ garments, click to learn more.

Sterility Indicator Dot

Packaging equipped with an adhesive indicator dot to validate exposure to gamma radiation means your team can be confident in your cleanroom apparel, right from the start.

  • Lakeland CleanMax Sterile provides customers with individually wrapped garments featuring an expiration date and a self-adhesive, non toxic indicator sticker that changes from yellow to red upon exposure to a validated dose of gamma irradiation.

When each box and individual package comes equipped with a date of irradiation and sterility indicator, it improves efficiency and convenience, allowing your team to quickly assess garment sterility and begin the gowning process.

Easy-Access to Sterility Chain of Custody

With your busy schedule, accessing your sterility chain of custody shouldn’t be a hassle. On every Lakeland garment package, a QR code quickly takes you to our custom website database which will allow you to view, print and document your sterility certificates.

Not only should you insist on clean-manufactured garments for your controlled environment, it should be easy for you to see the data supporting the sterility of your garments.

Confidence in your cleanroom and/or controlled environment starts with understanding how to find the right garment to help your team reduce excursions and protect the cleanroom process and product.


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