Webinar: How to Prevent Contaminants from Entering Your Cleanrooms

What outside elements are your employees bringing into your cleanroom and controlled environments? There are no limits on the activities we as humans engage in daily that could carry detrimental consequences to keeping your contaminant sensitive cleanroom environments and processes particle free.

Lakeland’s FREE webinar below reviews simple steps you can take to limit the risk of contamination and unnecessary excursions in your cleanroom / controlled environment.

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Webinar Narrative

Goat Yoga in Your Cleanroom? Sounds ridiculous, but you never really know what outside elements your employees are bringing into your cleanroom and controlled environments. In fact, the number one source of contamination in cleanrooms are the humans that work within them. A good cleanroom protocol will begin at home, with guidelines on personal hygiene along with the products the employees should and should not use prior to coming to work. However, there are no limits on the activities we as humans engage in daily that could carry detrimental consequences to keeping your contaminate sensitive cleanroom environments and processes particle free.

Whether it’s goat yoga, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, grabbing that crueler on the drive to work, or scooping out Mr. Jingle’s litter box; we generate and retain particles as a matter of course as we go through our daily lives. We are not even considering naturally occurring microbes on us, body fluids, dead skin cells, or the seriously heavy particle generators like smoking, make up and spray tans. Keeping your cleanrooms free of microscopic contaminants is an on-going battle. While controlling and monitoring every single cleanroom employee’s habits and behaviors outside of the cleanroom is impossible.

Lakeland Industries has been an international leader in the protective apparel industry for over 30 years. Now, Lakeland is working to protect both your employees and your cleanrooms with CleanMax Clean Manufactured Cleanroom Apparel. CleanMax is a light-weight, comfortable material that has a 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency and 99.9% particle filtration efficiency. CleanMax is specially constructed with bound seams so there is considerably less break through than from a garment with typical surged seams. The bound seams also add extra durability and protect the performance integrity of the garment itself. CleanMax is resistant to blood and body fluid penetration, resistant to viral penetration and resistant to blood borne pathogens. It also offers protection from chemical penetration as it is resistant to oils, bleach and 50% sodium hydroxide. CleanMax cleanroom apparel protects both your employees as well as your cleanrooms and controlled environments.

The bound seams, along with the clean manufacturing process ensure the garments do not have a heavy particle load on them when taken out of the package. CleanMax garments are constructed so that they do not inherently harbor particulates. From the material itself having a smoother surface, to the bound seams eliminating shedding from raw edges, to the fold process that encourages less wrinkling Lakeland’s CleanMax is working with you to prevent contaminants from entering your cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Lakeland Industries realizes that most excursions on cleanroom apparel occur during the gowning process. Aseptic donning of a garment is a daunting task that takes time to master. We developed our fold and the garment’s orientation in the package with the end-user in mind. Put the odds of a successful gowning qualification in your employees reach with CleanMax. CleanMax garments are folded in such a way that when the employee reaches in the package they will touch the inside surface of the garment. On CleanMax coveralls, the bottom of the legs are folded over, because we recognize that larger sizes do not always mean taller people. Finally, we’ve oriented the placement of each CleanMax garment in our packages so that the garment can be taken out and donned with minimal handling.

So don’t worry if the crazy cat person just gave you a hug before you entered the cleanroom. Just follow proper gowning protocol and reach for CleanMax Cleanroom Apparel because we’ve got you covered.



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