How To Unpack CleanMax® Cleanroom Apparel to Prevent Contamination

Cleanroom Apparel That Supports Contamination Control

Cleanroom apparel and garments offer protection for individuals, products, and controlled environments.

Whether your cleanroom technicians require disposable cleanroom suits for high-tech manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing or compounding, biotechnology, food industry, or medical device manufacturing, there are critical standards you must consider as you evaluate the right garment for your application.

Lakeland Industries takes pride in offering disposable, single-use clean-manufactured sterile and non-sterile cleanroom apparel. CleanMax® is a high-quality microporous laminate material that is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and climate-comfortable, but also impervious to liquids, harsh chemicals, and microorganisms.

CleanMax® products meet IEST-RP-C003 Category I particulate cleanliness standards and are ready for immediate use in ISO Class 4 – 8 Cleanrooms. All sterile garments are sterilized to a level of 10⁶ SAL. These cleanroom coveralls provide excellent comfort as well as protection, so you can easily unpack, don, and doff your garments to reduce excursions and risk of contamination.

How To Unpack Sterile CleanMax® Cleanroom Apparel To Prevent Contamination

Lakeland’s recommended unboxing techniques for sterile CleanMax® apparel are supported by packaging designed with the end-user in mind. Each case of CleanMax® products is labeled for easy identification with product number, sterility lot number, expiration date, Gamma indicator, and certificate of compliance in each case. These and other additional elements help support the approach each handler takes with the cleanroom garments in his or her controlled environment.

Along with our customers, Lakeland Industries takes our commitment to reducing waste and supporting corporate green initiatives by packaging our sterile products in such a way it reduces waste by 50%.

CleanMax® Cleanroom Apparel by Lakeland Offers the Protection You Expect

There is always a threat of contamination in controlled environments. Selecting the right cleanroom suit can help ensure hazardous particles do not find their way into your cleanroom and products. Additionally, following the proper cleanroom suit unpacking protocols is a critical element in keeping your controlled environment free from contaminants.

From manufacturing to gowning, every stage of your cleanroom garments’ lifespan requires the utmost care and quality assurance. This is why proper cleanroom apparel unboxing protocols and gowning processes are so important.

As you prepare to make the best cleanroom apparel choice, learn more about CleanMax® and the proper unpacking, donning and doffing procedures that will safeguard your controlled environment against contamination.


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