Pyrolon® Plus 2 - Intelligent Disposable FR Solutions to Protect Your People and Your Primary FR Garments

Secondary FR Disposable Garments with Value-Added Protection

Pyrolon® Plus 2 fabric comes with all the essential features, distinct advantages and assurances of protection that only quality design and materials can deliver. Specifically treated to be oil and water repellent, Pyrolon Plus 2 fabric is breathable, offering you cool, comfortable and disposable protection for your expensive Primary FR/ARC Rated Garments.

Pyrolon Plus 2 garments keep oil and other contaminants out. Watch the Pyrolon Plus 2 repellency demonstration.

Watch a more detailed video here of test footage between the repellency performance of Pyrolon Plus 2 as compared to Chinese FR Spunlace and everyday, common FR SMS. The excellent repellency performance of Pyrolon Plus 2 is clear.

Pyrolon Plus 2 garments can be used in work environments where hazardous or non-hazardous contaminants might be present. Let Pyrolon Plus 2 help keep your Primary Protective Garments from becoming saturated in potentially harmful or flammable products that could reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your protective apparel.

Pyrolon Plus 2 Garments Help Extend the Life of your Primary FR Garment. Watch the video now.

Pyrolon® Plus 2 Brand Features

  • Garments made with Pyrolon Plus 2 are designed to be worn over Primary FR/ARC protective garments
  • Protects your expensive thermally protective and ARC protective clothing
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Meets the NFPA 2113 Requirements for Section 5.1.9
  • Flame Resistant
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Pyrolon® Plus 2 Specifications
  • Seam type: Serged
  • Materials: 65 gsm Spunlaced Wood Pulp; PE with FR Treatment
  • Garment Configurations: Coveralls, Lab Coat, Shirt, Pants, Boot Cover, Hood
  • Colors: White & Blue
  • Dirt, Oil and Grease
  • Hazardous Dry Particulates
  • Welding, Cutting and Grinding
  • Dry Particle - Aerosols
  • Flammable Environments (Aerosol)
  • Electric and Gas Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Industry