Lakeland’s Pyrolon® XT features a unique, viscose-based nonwoven fabric with an added polyester scrim to increase strength and durability for tougher Type 5/6 applications where flash fire is a potential hazard.

Disposable flame-resistant workwear, like Pyrolon® XT, is designed to be worn over thermal protective garments certified to EN 11612 – without compromising thermal protection in the way other standard disposables will.

Pyrolon® is engineered to char at temperatures lower than its ignition point so that it will not ignite, propagate a flame, or drip molten debris onto the wearer.

With our unique Super-B pattern, Pyrolon® XT features a three-piece hood, inset sleeves, and diamond crotch gusset for an ergonomic coverall that is both comfortable and durable.

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