How to Effectively Layer FR Apparel in Cold Weather

There is no room for nonessential weight when it comes to your daily work attire. Not only are you concerned about maintaining your FR and Arc Flash protection, you also hope to stay dry, warm and comfortable as the weather fluctuates over the course of the day.

Selecting an FR layering system designed specifically to pull moisture away from your body, layer by layer, is essential so you can focus on the job at hand, not your clothing.

Lakeland® High Performance FR apparel is made with a combination of fibers that ensure permanent moisture wicking for the entire life of the garment. We’ve mastered the balance of fiber blends to ensure that safety on the job is the first priority.

HS64PT20_ISH65DH13_IHD12ANT_IJKT12ANT01L-hiThe Ultimate FR Layering System

Choosing an FR layering system starts by finding a system that offers permanent moisture wicking technology in every single layer. From base layer to button-up shirt, hoodie to outer jacket, Lakeland’s layering system offers moisture wicking technology that will never wear out, wash out, or stop performing for you. 

An FR layering system should offer the following benefits:

  • Built to move. Each component of the layering system is built with added stretch, so it is designed to move as freely as you do.
  • A beveled tail for warmth. Designed with a longer, swooping backside, your midsection will remain protected from the elements whether you are reaching high or bending forward.
  • Water and wind resistant. Your layering system should protect you even as you add or remove layers. Your outerwear should offer water and wind resistance so you can feel confident in your apparel.
  • Dual certified. Remain safe on the line with dual certified garments to protect you from any potential hazard on the job.

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FR Base Layer Knit

The foundation of our cold weather layering system, this knit is designed to wick sweat away and keep you dry and warm. It should also offer:

  • Solid protection. Our knit base layer has a protection value of 16.4 CAL / CM2, and is the only CAT 2 base layer available in the market.

Base Layer Knit and FR Button Up

As you continue to add layers, a button-up shirt should keep you dry and safe while offering optimal comfort.

When you choose Lakeland, you’ll notice:

  • Superior wicking strength. Get the sweat off your skin faster with the industry’s leading wicking technology.



FR Hoodie

Everyone needs a reliable hoodie, and this one offers many features that make it an irreplaceable part of your workday attire. In addition to permanent moisture wicking features, Lakeland’s High Performance FR hoodie includes:

  • Vertical cut pocket. Unlike the typical kangaroo pouch, nothing can fall out of a vertical cut pocket designed with a vertical seam. Better storage. Better protection from the elements.
  • Hidden interior drawstring. Designed to remain almost invisible, the hidden drawstring falls on the inside of the hoodie for added safety.
  • Built for style, comfort and safety. How many hoodies would you wear out on the town? This one can add some style and safety to your wardrobe.
  • Ribbed, knit sleeve cuff. There’s nothing worse than a sleeve that rides up when you put on your jacket or reach for tools on the job. This problem is solved with our exclusive ribbed, knit cuff.

jacket-pngFR Jacket — The Original Soft Shell

The final layer needed for ultimate cold weather protection is our lightweight, maneuverable and durable, jacket. Besides permanent moisture wicking, features include:

  • Extremely light-weight design. Get the weight off your back with this extremely lightweight, maneuverable fabric.
  • Smooth Polymer Finish. The extremely abrasion proof, smooth finish means airborne particles won’t stick to your jacket surface.
  • Zipper hand warmer pockets. Give your hands a rest and some added warmth with our specialty designed hand warmer pockets.
  • Cell phone pocket. Keep what you need within reach with a perfectly placed pocket that’s easy to access on the job site.

As you select your layers, ensure that each is constructed with permanent moisture wicking capabilities to keep you warm and dry on the job. If one layer blocks moisture in, the effectiveness of your layer system will be compromised.

Designed by linemen for linemen, Lakeland High Performance FR combines superior moisture wicking fibers, style and functionality. Only Lakeland offers a layering system with permanent moisture wicking technology in every single layer. From base layer to button up shirt, hoodie to outer jacket, Lakeland’s layering system offers moisture wicking technology that will never wear out, wash out, or stop performing for you.

Superior Performance, Protection, and Comfort.


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