ChemMax™ 1 - Your First Level of Chemical Protection

ChemMax™ 1 fabric is constructed with a unique polyethylene barrier film and a continuous filament polypropylene nonwoven fabric. ChemMax™ 1 garments bar many harmful contaminants from penetrating to inner clothing. Available with serged, bound and sealed seams for scalability.

ChemMax™ 1 provides economical, lightweight protection against most industrial acid and base chemicals. Bloodborne pathogen and viral protection make it a cost effective option for waste water treatment facilities. ChemMax™ 1 also meets the requirements of EN-1149 for Electrostatic Properties.

ChemMax™ 1 Brand Features

  • Infectious Disease and BBP tested
  • Available in multiple seam configurations
  • Excellent Protection for High and Low PH Chemicals (Acids and Bases)
  • Fabric passes ASTM D6978 Fentanyl
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ChemMax® 1 Specifications
  • Seam Types: Serged, Bound, & Heat Sealed
  • Material: Polyethylene barrier film & Continuous filament polypropylene non-woven
  • Garment Configurations: Coveralls, Jacket, Pants, Hoods, Apron, Boot Covers
  • Fabric Testing: Numerous Chemicals including the ASTM F1001 recommended list; ASTM D6978 Fentanyl
  • Paint and Hazardous Liquids – Spray
  • Low Exposure, Low Risk Chemical Splash
  • High Exposure / High Risk (Heat Sealed Seam only)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical Handling (Bound & Sealed Seam only)