Common Misconceptions About PPE Protection and CE Standards

Exposing personal protective equipment (PPE) myths is entertaining, but it’s more than just a bit of fun. In the safety industry, misunderstandings can be a hazard—especially if, as a result, users of PPE conclude they are better protected than they actually are or worse, that they are protected when they are not.

Our latest eBook, “10 More PPE Myths: More Common Misconceptions About PPE, Protection and CE Standards,” uncovers recent and alarming myths and misinterpretations of standards that you may be interested in learning more about to protect the safety of your workers.

It’s not enough that Safety Managers just know CE standards; they need to understand them, what’s in them, what they mean, and what they tell you.

The eBook explores:

  • Common standards and how they can be misinterpreted.
  • Garment testing and how standards may not reveal true protection effectiveness.
  • The difference between real-life testing and fabric testing — and why it matters for safety!
  • Common questions related to specific products and the protection they provide.
  • Standards and how they are commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted — sometimes with potentially dangerous consequences.
  • Commonly held PPE related views that are at best misinformed and at worst simply wrong.

Are you convinced you know myth versus fact regarding your use of PPE?

Discover 10 common PPE misconceptions, and find out if you are one of those PPE professionals that doesn’t just know, but actually understands.


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