PPE for Cannabis Labs

What Does the Cannabis Market Look Like? 

Ask experts and customers alike, one thing is certain in this budding industry: cannabis regulations are coming. And, when they do, will your business be ready? 

No one has a crystal ball that allows us to perfectly predict this looming future. However, by observing the pharmaceutical compounding industry and regions where medical cannabis research, cultivation, and production are fully legalized, it would be foolish not to prepare for federal and state regulation that will eventually govern the booming cannabis market. 

In fact, this industry’s hazy future is already starting to take shape. As the market continues to evolve, North American cannabis testing labs, growers, and cultivators are scaling up their operations. According to a report published by Statista, the state of California issued 7,548 cultivation licenses. Oregon came in second with 1,319 licenses and other honorable mentions include Colorado, Washington, and Michigan. 

The CBD (cannabidiol) market, which has been established for quite a while, has been surpassed by the recreational cannabis market. CBD sales for 2021 were around $1.6 billion, while recreational cannabis sales were at $14.9 billion USD. That significant uptick in business has big pharma rapidly moving into the cannabis space.  

Forbes reported that Pfizer confirmed a $6.7 billion dollar acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals for its promising cannabinoid-based bowel disease treatment. With such powerful players moving into the market, it’s no wonder states and local governments are starting to take interest. 

Regulations for Cannabis Testing Labs and Growers

From greenhouses to ISO class 7 laboratories, consistency of product quality and employee safety are critical for success. Let’s drill down into California’s expansive cannabis market and examine the regulations the state has already erected for its skilled cultivators and laboratory personnel. 

Cannabis Testing Labs: Cannabis labs must adhere to a different set of standards than those who grow cannabis, especially when producing medical-grade products. There are a variety of cannabis testing labs in this space, but independent cannabis processing and compounding labs are growing exponentially. Testing for cannabinoid potency (including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, and CBN) microbial contamination, fungicides, heavy metals, and residual solvents are just a few of the tedious tests found in these labs.  

Ensuring that there is no cross-contamination resulting from waxy residuals and pollens between one strain and another are critical considerations that, with the proper PPE, could be largely diminished.  

Cannabis Growers: According to the California Department of Cannabis Control, cultivators have a responsibility to be good users of the land while also obtaining permits set by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California water boards.  

Pesticide safety and injury prevention must also be observed and obeyed. The Department of Pesticide Regulations requires chemical-resistant personal protective equipment, including safety glasses or goggles, boots, and coveralls. Ensuring a consistent supply of PPE to protect your people from this light chemical spray or splash will keep them focused on what matters most, the stable quality of the product you are growing. 

PPE for Cannabis Testing Labs and Growers

Operating a medical research lab or a cultivation operation in an industry devoid of universal or even localized standards can be burdensome. Securing a disposable PPE provider that has a proven supply chain and trackable garment certifications will be a necessity as legislation becomes more prevalent. Rest assured that Lakeland is here to deliver no matter the environment or protection required. 

MicroMax® NS Global and CleanMax® are two of Lakeland’s garments that will set up Cultivation Managers or Lab Supervisors and their teams for success. Not only does Lakeland have multiple warehouses located across North America to ensure punctual delivery of garments, but our protective garments come in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.  

MicroMax NS Global® is a CE Type 5/6 certified garment that meets global standards and is perfect to help protect against the light chemical spray and splash that occur during the cannabis cultivation process.  

CleanMax® is ideal for the cleanrooms and controlled environments in cannabis testing labs, medical cannabis research, and compounding facilities. This microporous film laminate disposable garment is compatible with ISO Class 4-8 cleanrooms with excellent bacterial and particle filtration efficiency. 

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Cannabis regulations are not a matter of “if”, but rather a matter of “when”. Be prepared by selecting a PPE vendor that already meets or exceeds these requirements and who can reliably supply your operations, so you can focus on ensuring the quality, integrity, and consistency of your cannabis products. 

Request a sample of MicroMax NS Global or CleanMax here, and one of our Disposable PPE specialists would be happy to assist you. 



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