MicroMax® NS Global

MicroMax® NS Global is Lakeland’s premium, CE-certified disposable coverall offering for multinational organizations. Certified for Type 5/6 protection, MicroMax NS Global is perfect for general industrial applications where dirt, dust, grease, grime, and light chemical splash or spray are present.

For companies that handle infectious agents, MicroMax NS Global also passes EN 14126 – making it an ideal coverall for global and public health preparedness. The dual-sizing options simplify inventory management, while also exceeding ANSI 101-2014 size and label requirements for limited use and disposable coveralls.


(en)(North America)Disposable and Chemical Protective Clothing
Disposable and Chemical Protective Clothing
(en)(Global)MicroMax NS Global Pattern Coveralls Data Sheet
MicroMax NS Global Pattern Coveralls Data Sheet
(en)(Global)MicroMax NS – MNSG InfoGrid
MicroMax NS - MNSG InfoGrid
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