Request a Sample of Lakeland Protective Clothing

Lakeland Industries is honored to produce high-quality protective clothing and performance safety workwear for multinational workforces.

With superior protection for your people, products, and environments, our portfolio spans applications such as:

  • Fire service & first response
  • Cleanroom and critical environments
  • Oil & gas
  • Utilities
  • And more

Our mission to Protect Your People® has revolutionized industry standards, as we aim to offer a higher-level of garment design and customer service.


With advanced microporous technology in disposable garment protection, Lakeland’s MicroMax® shields the wearer from non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals within aerosol, paint booth particulates, cleanroom environments, and bloodborne pathogens.

Employees working in chemical industrial environments require garments that meet rigorous testing standards based on the hazards they’re exposed to on the job.

Our ChemMax® series features Lakeland’s chemical protective clothing designed to protect against toxic substances coming into contact with the wearer.

From small rural roads to huge runways at international airports, Hi-Vis garments play an important role in increased visibility for workers. With four performance classes, specifying background materials, reflective elements, performance materials, and size of reflective elements used in the clothing, Lakeland Hi-Vis supports the safety of your team in unique comprehensive safety environments.


Ideally suited for use in ISO Class 4 - 8 Cleanrooms and all Controlled Environments, CleanMax® Sterile and Non-Sterile garments are individually packaged and specially folded to reduce wrinkling and help you mitigate the introduction of contaminants to your environment. Lakeland CleanMax® is clean manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices and features bound seams, microporous laminate film, and tunneled elastic.

High-Performance FR

To optimize human performance while providing comfort and protection, Lakeland High Performance FR garments are made for the industrial athlete. Our moisture-wicking technology and superior protection design includes extended shirttails and minimal seams across the shoulder and underarms so individuals can enjoy comfortable apparel while working outdoors for longer periods of time.

Fire Gear Sizing Consultation

Lakeland fire gear protects firefighters from flame and heat. We make structural, wildland, dual-certified, and extrication gear. These protective garments feature our industry-first LazerMax™ reflective trim and piping, innovative designs to maximize mobility, and other must-have additions that help you protect your people. Request a demonstration or sizing consultation with one of our industry professionals today.


Availability of products may vary. Our team and a valuable network of distributors are here to assist you when finding which garments best fit your application needs.