How to Clean FR/AR Rainwear

How to Clean FR/AR RainwearIn critical industries, including utilities, infrastructure maintenance, and transportation, rain delays are not an option. Electric utility linemen and oil and gas industry workers are truly essential as they keep the power flowing to almost every part of our modern world. They can face long hours of exposure to all types of weather; it’s essential they have the protective gear they need ready to go at all times.

The scenarios utility workers face require protection in the form of high quality FR/AR rainwear. FR or flame-resistant clothing is made from materials that don’t ignite easily when exposed to sparks or flames. AR or arc-rated clothing protects workers from arc-flash hazards.

Once you have made the investment in protecting your team with the garments, the next step is to make sure that they are caring for these items correctly.

Why is it Important to Care for FR/AR Rainwear?

Outdoor working conditions can be harsh and extremely variable. To make sure that your team is ready to handle anything that Mother Nature brings, it’s essential that they have the right gear and that they maintain it appropriately.

Caring for your FR/AR rainwear with the correct methods will help these valuable products last longer and perform better even in the harshest conditions.

Washing your rainwear incorrectly (or with the wrong products) can cause it to become damaged or prematurely worn out. Correct washing procedures are also essential because they should be performed frequently: clean garments will keep your workers safer by offering improved visibility and enhanced fabric performance.

Using dirty, worn out, or broken tools is ineffective and dangerous. Protective clothing is one of your most essential tools and should be cared for as such. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your FR/AR rainwear in great shape.


How to Clean FR/AR Rainwear

Here are six general cleaning tips that will ensure that your FR/AR rainwear stays clean and ready to protect you from anything you may encounter on the job:

  1. Create a regular cleaning plan and schedule for your gear. This will ensure that your rainwear is clean and ready for you when you need it. Consider how often you will need to wash your gear, where and how you want to wash it, and where you will store it.
  2. The first step in the actual cleaning process for your rainwear is to spot clean or wipe the entire garment using a damp cloth. Make sure it is stored in a manner and location where it can dry completely.
  3. For more thorough cleaning, garments can be home or machine laundered in cold water on your washer’s gentle cycle. (Read below for more details on how to correctly machine wash your gear.)
  4. When cleaning your rainwear, either by hand or in a machine, do not use abrasive cleaners, solvents, bleach, or fabric softeners.
  5. Do not iron your garments. Hang them in a manner that will prevent any creases or wrinkles from forming.
  6. Do not dry clean your rainwear, or send it out for cleaning in an industrial laundry facility.

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How to Launder FR/AR Rainwear at Home

When it comes time to machine wash your protective rainwear, there are a few specific details to keep in mind to ensure that your gear comes out clean and in optimal condition.

  • Wash your rainwear separately from other garments, close any zippers, hooks and loops, or other fasteners reduce the risk of damaging the garment, or other garments in the load. This is important because if FR garments become damaged, ripped, or torn, they should immediately be removed from service and replaced with new FR garments.
  • Once you have inspected all of the closures on your garments, load them in the washer without overcrowding it. Set your washing machine to the cold water setting (104°F, 40°C) and the gentle or hand wash cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent only, with no bleach, fabric softeners, or other additions.
  • Finally, hang your rainwear inside-out to air dry. Do not dry FR rainwear garments in a machine dryer.

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From rain and cold to fire and arc flash hazards, Lakeland AR/FR rainwear has the power to keep your team safe, productive, and comfortable.

Your critical team members help keep the world moving—help keep them safe by contacting us today to learn more about our latest FR product offerings.


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