New CE-Certified PPE from Lakeland

Lakeland’s sole mission as an organization is to offer premium protective clothing to companies around the globe, meaning we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to developing products that best serve our customers. A little over a year ago, our seasoned product development team saw a gaping hole in the PPE market: there weren’t any CE-certified, globally available garments. 

Recognizing that many of our customers are multinational and must adhere to various standards, the Lakeland team set out to create a product that would meet or exceed the standards and testing these global customers require. 

These led to the development of two CE-certified global pattern garments: MicroMax® NS Global and Safegard® SMMS. 

Although both products protect against overlapping hazards, they truly serve niches in different industries. 

Product Line-up 

MicroMax® NS Global (MNSG) 

Weighing in at 55gsm and offered in 3 configurations, our MicroMax® NS Global (MNSG) coverall is a premier offering. In compliance with rigorous, well-established standards, MicroMax® NS Global provides lightweight protection from dirt, grease, grime, and light chemical splash.  

SafeGard® (SMMS) 

A lighter 45gsm global pattern offering, SafeGard® SMMS is more economical offering that is suited to protect against the dry particulates and light liquid splash that one might encounter in general maintenance or paint booth operations. 

Like MicroMax® NS Global, Safegard® SMMS is perfect for multinational companies looking for a streamlined and reliable product offering. 

Which Global Pattern Garment is Right for Me? 

The main difference between these two global garments is simple: 

MicroMax® NS Global protects against infectious agents/biological hazards in accordance with EN 141216 and offers chemical repellency and penetration properties recognized by EN 6530 and ASTM F903.  

If your application requires protection against light chemical splash or hazardous dry particulates, then MicroMax® NS Global is the product for you.  

When your daily tasks might include exposure to dry particulates and light liquid splash, such as paint or dust, SafeGard® SMMS might be the better fit.  

Are CE-Certified Garments Worth It? 

Standardized certification for PPE is hard to come by in some regions, but it is immensely important for companies looking to offer proper protection and futureproof their safety programs. You can read more about the importance of CE certifications here. 

Certified protection is what Lakeland is all about, and we are excited to offer global patterns to protect our multinational customers. If you’re interested in requesting a product sample or speaking with a specialist, please contact our team. 


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