The Importance of Global Garment Patterns during a Pandemic

If there’s anything we’ve learned from COVID, it’s that when end users are in desperate need of PPE, they will compromise on sizing in order to get their employees in protective clothing – despite sizing being a critical safety factor.

Lakeland recognized this need and didn’t want our customers to be forced to sacrifice on the fit of their protective clothing.

What Safety Standards Speak to PPE Sizing?

Most employers need a disposable garment that will fit a wider range of individuals and fit them well. Lakeland used the ANSI/ISEA 101-2014 sizing requirements as a starting point. This standard establishes minimum size requirements for limited-use and disposable coveralls. It also provides a sizing chart to assist the wearer in the selection of the correct garment size, while also providing test protocols (specific measurements) to ensure size selection.

It clearly states that each garment dimension shall equal or exceed the dimensions listed for the appropriate size.

What Does Lakeland Do Differently to Exceed ANSI/ISEA 101-2014?

Here’s where Lakeland goes the extra mile:

Chest – We measure across the center of the chest at least one inch down from the sleeve set seam.

Leg Inseam – We measure from the center of the crotch seam along the inseam to the bottom of the leg opening.

Sleeve Outseam – We measure from the center back of the neck to the top of the sleeve.

Body Length – We measure from the center of the neck, down the back of the coverall, to the bottom of the crotch seam. (The length of the seam)

Sleeve Opening – We measure the opening of the sleeve end pulled flat, with or without elastic.

Leg Opening – We measure the opening of the leg end pulled flat, with or without elastic.

Front Opening – We measure from the top of the neck opening to the bottom of the front opening. This will give you a useable zipper length.

Lakeland’s global patterns takes all this into consideration. Lakeland developed sizing using ANSI/ISEA 101 sizing requirements and offers our customers universal sizing, or what we call at Lakeland Global Dual-sized garments. With our unique pattern design, we are able to fit more body dimensions into a single size coverall.

How Does Lakeland’s Dual-sizing Work?

If you normally purchase a size LG coverall, you will now purchase a Global Dual-sized LGXL garment. Because of the unique pattern and elastic back this garment, it’s comfortable for both LG and XL body types.

Lakeland sells protective clothing on a global scale. We believe it is our responsibility to make sure we provide exceptional product offerings to our customers with multinational organizations. Because this pattern design is CE certified, employers can purchase and send this anywhere in the world where the need arises.

COVID has left a lasting impact on how the world does business. As a PPE provider, Lakeland has an important role to play in making certain we provide our customers with the quality product and the support they deserve.

If you’d like to request a sample of a garment that utilizes Lakeland’s global dual-sizing pattern, click here to speak with a specialist.

ANSI/ISEA 101-2014 “American national Standard for Limited-Use and Disposable Coveralls – Size and labeling requirements.”


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