MicroMax® NS Cool Suit – Elastic Hood, Cuffs, Waist and Ankles

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The MicroMax‚® NS Cool Suit combines the effective splash and spray protection of of MicroMax microporous PE film laminate with the breathability of SafeGard‚® SMMS fabric. MicroMax‚® protection where most needed – the hood, front of torso, arms and legs, and with a breathable panel of blue SMMS fabric to the rear allowing air to freely circulate in and out of the suit keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Coverall with elastic hood, cuffs waist and ankles. Distinctive blue bound seams for improved repellency and durability. Double-sided, sealable tape on zip cover. Lakeland's unique Super-B style with 3-piece hood, inset sleeves and crotch gusset results in a more ergonomic design for improved comfort, freedom of movement and durability. Offers Type 6 light aerosol spray and Type 5 dry particle protection. Certified to EN 1149-5 for static dissipate clothing.Lakeland style number‚ EMNCL428WIE features:

    • The front is Max NS fabric, the outer layer is a high -quality multi -pore film, and the inner layer is a spinning polypropylene non -woven fabric, which can provide excellent liquid and dust protection;
    • Blue high-phenea SMMS fabrics above the calf on the back, which does not reduce the main protection performance while greatly improving the breathability; Super B design makes it more comfortable to wear.

    *Please speak with a Lakeland representative to determine product availability for your region.

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    MicroMax® NS Cool Suit – Elastic Hood, Cuffs, Waist and Ankles

    Type 5 and 6 coverall manufactured with MicroMax® microporous PE laminate fabric, with a breathable SMMS rear panel for comfort and blue bound seams for imroved repellency and durability.
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