ChemMax® 3 Encapsulated Suit – Expanded Back/Rear Entry

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Durable and lightweight, Lakeland ChemMax 3 uses innovative materials and design for a superior chemical suit. This encapsulated suit with rear-entry and expanded back provides a barrier against a broad spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals, dual-use chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and other harmful contaminants. Perfect for emergency response agencies.

For all ChemMax 3 products, the unique barrier film is significantly softer than other chemical suits on the market, resulting in a quieter, more comfortable garment.

All ChemMax 3 products are supported by PermaSURE – a mobile application that calculates data-backed safe-wear times. Use this tool alongside permeation breakthrough results to properly evaluate chemical suits for your employees.

Features: Entrada posterior, Espalda expandida, Traje encapsulado (Nivel B)

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Encapsulated Suit

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ChemMax® 3 Encapsulated Suit – Expanded Back/Rear Entry

Lakeland ChemMax 3. Level B encapsulated suit. Supported by PermaSURE. Rear-entry and expanded back for autonomous breathing equipment.
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