Chemmax 4 Plus Jacket – Double Neck and Sleeves

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European made multi-layer fabric offers superior chemical protection against a wide range of high hazard chemicals. ChemMax 4 Plus offers protection against a wide rnage of high hazard chemicals. Fabric is tough and durable so useable multiple times if not damaged or contaminated. Co-extrusion production process results in smooth, flexible fabric that is more comfortable and durable than other options and does not feature the bonding ‚“dimples" where chemicals can cling found in other fabrics. Test against a wide range of chemicals including chemical warfare agents, making it suitable for military, anti-terrorist and civil defense operations. Jacket includes collar, double zip and storm flap front fastening and double cuffs for use with chemical gloves. Offers Partial Body Type 3[PB] and Type 4[PB] splash and spray protection. protects only the parts of the body covered. Can be worn with ChemMax 4 pants and separate cape hood.

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Chemmax 4 Plus Jacket – Double Neck and Sleeves

Jacket with collar, double zipper/front flap, double cuffs.
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