CleanMax™ - Cleanroom Apparel by Lakeland

CleanMax™ by Lakeland provides the comfort, quality and protection you expect. Ideally suited for use in ISO Class 4 - 8 Cleanrooms and all Controlled Environments. CleanMax® garments are easy to don, comfortable to wear and are backed by Lakeland's 30+ years as a manufacturer of disposable protective apparel.

Available in both Clean Manufactured and Clean Sterile configurations.

CleanMax™ Brand Features

  • Latex-free & silicone-free
  • Tunneled elastic
  • Resistant to blood and body fluid penetration, viral penetration, BBP's
  • Garments are folded for easier donning & individually packaged to reduce wrinkling
  • Easy open strip on packaging yields less handling when donning
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Brand Details

CleanMax® Specifications
  • Seam Type: Bound to comply with FDA
  • Materials: Microporous Film Laminate
  • Configurations: Clean Manufactured & Clean Sterile
  • Sterility Assurance: Clean Sterile - level of 10-6 SAL
  • Cleanroom Compatibility: ISO Class 4-8 Cleanrooms and all Controlled Environments
  • Testing: Recommended Practice by the Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology
CleanMax® Sterile Applications
  • Aseptic or Terminally Sterile Cleanroom Environments
  • ISO Class 5-8 Cleanroom
CleanMax® Clean Manufactured Applications
  • ISO Class 5-8 or Below Non-Aseptic Cleanrooms or Controlled Environments
  • Clean Room Environments