ChemMax® 3 Encapsulating Suit with Visor – Expanded Back for Internal SCBA

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Chemical protective rear-entry encapsulating suit with 20mil PVC visor and supported by Permasure‚®. EN Type 3 liquid jet spray and Type 4 liquid spray chemical protection. Multi-layer barrier film ChemMax‚® 3 fabric offers high level permeation resistance against many dangerous chemicals. Permeation resistance tested to over 130 chemicals, it also works with Permasure‚®, Lakeland's easy-to-use smart-phone app that calculates safe-wear times for over 4000 chemicals, accounting for the effect of temperature on permeation rate and chemical toxicity. The fabric co-extrusion production process results in a low noise, flexible and smooth finish that is more fabric-like and has no bonding dimples where a chemical might cling as commonly seen in many chemical suit fabrics. Infectious Agent Barrier – passes all four EN 14126 bio-hazard tests at the highest classes. Tested for resistance against seven key chemical warfare agents so suitable for military, anti-terrorist and civil defense applications. Certified to EN 1149-5 for static dissipative clothing. This suit offers Type 3 and 4 liquid protection, is not gas-tight and is not suitable for protection against gases and vapours.

Features: Tape sealed seams, Storm flap over zipper, Expanded back for SCBA, Encapsulated, 20 mil PVC faceshield, Attached sock boots with boot flaps, Not gas/vapor tight, Sealed seams, Rear entry, 1 exhaust port with shroud, Expanded back

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Encapsulated Suit

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ChemMax® 3 Encapsulating Suit with Visor – Expanded Back for Internal SCBA

ChemMax® 3 Encapsulating suit with expanded back for SCBA accomodation. Powered by Permasure®
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