ChemMax® 2 – Cape Hood/Visor

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Built with long established and trusted Saranex 23P chemical barrier film laminated to spunbond PP substrate -135gsm. Hood with PVC visor and rear air-inlet pigtail. EN Partial Body Type 3[PB] liquid jet spray and Type 4[PB] liquid spray chemical protection. ChemMax‚® 2 fabric offers a high level of chemical permeation resistance accross a wide range of chemicals – often comparable to more expensive options. Extremely soft and flexible and more competitive than similar coveralls offering similar protection level. Tough and durable – achieves a better range of strength property EN classes than most other similar options. White with grey seams for easy identification & improved visibility. Certified to EN1149-5 for static dissipative clothing

Features: 20 mil PVC faceshield

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ChemMax® 2 – Cape Hood/Visor

Cape hood with Rear air inlet pigtail
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