Arc 43 Mitts

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Fabric consists of 3 layers of 240gsm European-made Tencate Tecasafe® fabric, based on 37% cellulose fibre (making it bio-degradable!) with flame resistance properties. High ATPV (Arc Thermal Protective Value) of 43cal/M2 or HRC 4 in NFPA 70E. The high level of air permeability and the use of cellulose enables a high capacity to absorb moisture for greater comfort. Gauntlet mitt with 40cm length. Certified to EN standards 61482-1-2 (Class 2) and 61482-1-1. Should be worn with jacket, pants, boot covers and hood for full body protection

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Arc 43 Mitts

Gauntlet mitts for protection against high level electric arc hazards. 40cm length. ATPV = 43 cal/M2 or HRC 4 in NFPA 70E .
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