Buying Fire Gear during a Supply Chain Crisis

The process of buying fire gear is usually lengthy. Depending on the number of sets you need for your firefighters, how much budget you’re approved to spend, and any customizations you might need, you’re usually looking at a couple of months at best. But, right now, we’re not dealing with usual times. 

If you’re in the market for fire gear, you know that many vendors are struggling with fulfillment times due to supply chain disruptions – sometimes taking as long as 9 months to ship an order. It’s an unfortunate situation for many in the industry, but especially for those in the Fire Service who rely on these manufacturers to help provide the PPE needed to protect their firefighters. 

Despite the disruptions that others are seeing, Lakeland takes pride in being able to supply high-quality turnouts, wildland gear, extrication gear, and dual-certified gear – currently at an 8-to-10-week fulfillment time. 

If you’re just getting started, browse our products and let us know if you have any questions – we’re happy to take your call! 

Our goal is always to provide high-quality gear that’s right for your department, and our priority is the safety and comfort of your firefighters – no gimmicks, no pushy sales tactics. Lakeland’s robust portfolio ensures that you’re able to find gear with the right fit, features, and price tag. 

From top-of-the-line Stealth turnout gear to economical B2 or dual-certified fire gear, Lakeland has fire gear that works for any-size department. 

To make matters even simpler, our gear comes with most standard features you need, so you don’t have to waste time pouring over complicated quotes with endless line items.  

We also pride ourselves on bringing new innovations to the market, including: 

  • Being the first to introduce LazerMax™ piping for increased visibility.
  • Advanced ergonomic design to increase mobility while still maintaining a lighter weight to help reduce fatigue. 
  • The industry’s only suspenders that are completely adjustable within the front and rear waistband for men and women’s pants – resulting in unbelievable comfort. 

We understand the time-sensitive nature of purchasing PPE – especially for fire departments. If you’ve been struggling to find a vendor who can meet your fulfillment requirements, we encourage you to reach out to our team here


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