Which Turnout Gear is Best for Your Department?

Choosing your turnouts, or bunker gear if you prefer, is a big deal. Your department has its own unique requirements and a trusted team of firefighters that deserve the highest quality PPE available. So, when you’re sitting down to evaluate which turnout gear is right for your department, where do you start?

The primary objective for every department is keeping their firefighters and community safe. Extensive training and adherence to NFPA safety standards is crucial – but having the right turnout gear can make the difference.

Here are some other questions you might ask yourself when evaluating a turnout gear purchase:

  • What are my department’s performance requirements?
  • What protection levels are required by my department?
  • What’s my budget?
  • How quickly do I need to receive the turnout gear?

If you’re looking for full featured, mid-range turnout gear…

Lakeland’s B2 coats and pants might be the best turnout gear for your department. Designed to offer both functionality and comfort, our B2 turnout gear is often referred to as our “workhorse” because of its attractive price point and encompassing feature set.

Lakeland B2 turnout gear features:

  • Ergonomic, pleated curved sleeves, back, and shoulder areas
  • Lakeland’s exclusive “Easy Grip” DRD
  • Double-stitched cuff reinforcements
  • Velcro closures for easy removal of liner

When you purchase Lakeland’s B2 gear, you receive durable, comfortable turnouts that fit the needs of your department, along with the added bonus of shorter fulfillment times.

If you’re looking for premium, highly customizable turnout gear…

Lakeland Stealth turnout gear might be the better fit. With premium features and top-of-the-line LazerMax Trim™, our Stealth turnout coat and pants are often sought after by departments with more complex requirements, while also making frequent appearances as race gear in the Firefight Combat Challenge.

Lakeland Stealth turnout gear has redefined mobility in the Fire Service with features including:

  • Set-in sleeve weight distribution
  • Dynamic, radial pleats above the knees
  • Strategically placed pockets and belt loops

With additional thermal protection around the sleeve and glove interface points, Lakeland Stealth is poised to accommodate rigorous climbing, crawling, and carrying tasks associated with firefighting.

What’s the best turnout gear for your department?

Lakeland is dedicated to helping you find the right gear for your department. Click here to speak with a fire specialist.


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