Lakeland Arc Flash CAT4 Protective Hood

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  • Arc risk level 3, head protection adopts a hood design.
  • Electric -proof arc screens and corresponding electrical anti -anti -arc fabrics.
  • The face screen and the fabric are bonded through flame retardant magic, which is convenient for cleaning and washing.
  • The top of the hat has a hanging ring for easy storage.
  • With the CB6-HD system (helmet bracket and elastic buckle), the helmet can be installed in the hood.
  • Anti -fog coating.
  • The hood is large, the space is abundant, and the head activity is flexible.
  • The cover and the top overlapping and overlapping widely, the protection is safer.
  • Embroidery in the lower left corner of the front side has an ATPV value.

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Lakeland Arc Flash CAT4 Protective Hood

48 CAL/CM2, 3 layer of DH fabrics

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