ALM 500 – Pants with braces

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Outer layer of 545gsm Gentex ‚“Dual Mirror"‚® aluminized glass fabric with inner 182gsm nylon taffeta/neoprene steam barrier. 100% aluminum surface for maximum radiant heat reflectivity.

  • Available as a full suit consisting coverall or jacket with or without rear BA pouch and pants with braces or coverall, hood with gold plate visor, boots and gloves.

  • Also tested for convective and contact heat plus molten metal drip.

  • Pants with braces.

  • Should be worn with other styles to cover full body and provide full EN 11612 heat protection.

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ALM 500 – Pants with braces

ALM 700 aluminized heat protective garment with high radiant heat barrier. Pants with braces.
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