ALM 300 Boots w/ Anti-Slip Soles

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Fabric features single layer of Gentex ‚“Dual Mirror" ‚® ‚® 545 GSM, aluminized fiberglass fabric. 100% of the fabric surface is aluminum to provide high level reflection of radiated heat. Achieves Class 4 in EN radiant heat protection test: Time to 24oC rise in temperature behind fabric is 108s: (Class 4 is the highest class with a threshold of 95s). The fabric has also been subjected to convection and contact heat resistance tests, as well as molten metal splash. Should be worn with jacket or overall, hood and gloves for full body protection against radiated heat. </p

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ALM 300 Boots w/ Anti-Slip Soles

Aluminized boots with a single layer of dual mirror® fabric to maximise heat protection. Includes leather soles.
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