How Do You Access Sterility Documentation?

For an upcoming gowning qualification, regulatory body inspection, an internal audit on documentation retention, or to have more than one copy on hand, sterility certificates should be accessible 24/7 and at your convenience. Having to wait on manufacturers to obtain sterility documentation and respond to your request can derail other workflows that are critical to production.

Lakeland’s product team understands that the needs of cleanroom operators are ever-changing, and meeting those needs requires constant modernization and innovation in garment design and packaging.

To allow for less friction in maintaining sterility documentation, Lakeland developed a unique system where you can access sterility certificates by quickly scanning a QR code on our CleanMax® garment packaging, shipping boxes, or even the garment itself.

Sterility Documentation in a Single Scan

Lakeland Industries added a ‘quick response code’, more commonly known as a QR code, to all of our CleanMax® clean-manufactured sterile garments. These QR codes link directly to our sterility database. To make matters even easier, the QR codes can be found on shipping box, individual wrapping, and garment itself. Each label also shows date of manufacture, expiration date, and lot number for effortless accessible data.

Our sterility certificates are a promise to you as a user. Our CleanMax ® sterile garments are always clean manufactured in a controlled environment in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. After production, these garments then undergo gamma radiation to sterilize the fabric down to a 10^-6 SAL. Along with the QR code, there will also be an indicator dot that turns red when exposed to gamma radiation.

We have developed an easy three step approach to make sterility data as simple as possible:

  1. Find QR code on the garment you need sterility data from
  2. Scan QR code with your phone or tablet
  3. View and print sterility certificates

Why Does Traceability on a Sterile Garment Matter?

All protective garment companies must follow the same garment standards and regulations; however, we choose to set ourselves apart by serving you as the customer to the best of our ability. We make it a priority to keep your people and your products protected with CleanMax®.

Lakeland Industries is proud to have served our customers for almost 40 years and want you to be a part of our Lakeland family. Check out our full CleanMax® line here, or contact a product specialist today.


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