CleanMax® by Lakeland: Do You Know Us Now?

Let’s take a brief mental journey back just less than a year ago, when the CDC made clear their standards on PPE protocols and healthcare worker safety in the face of one of the deadliest pandemics of our time.  

Not only were resources scarce but donning and doffing of protective garments was scrutinized more than ever before. Guides, theories, and recommendations seemed to be flowing from all corners of the globe on a weekly basis, but, at its core, these brave souls working in the COVID and critical care units knew what was acceptable and expected.  

Lakeland’s CleanMax® garments were maintained at steady stocking levels in a time where other suppliers were limited by disruptions in manufacturing and distribution. We took this as an opportunity to innovate further and packaged CleanMax® suits to be folded in a way that is easy to don, doff, and dispose of. This not only aided in protecting frontline healthcare workers against the virus, but it also kept the flow of endless shifts and rotations moving when time was a crucial consideration.  

When keeping up with demand during a global pandemic, numbers can speak volumes.

  • Lakeland was able to expand our certified clean-manufacturing capacity by 100%.  
  • Lakeland reduced our time to market on CleanMax ® by over 50%. 
  • Lakeland enhanced near-shoring production capabilities to ensure an uninterrupted supply channel to our customers in the presence of a global event. 

You may have heard the saying (or mantra) that goes “Can’t stop, won’t stop,” which, for Lakeland simply cannot be more accurate. We’ve been producing protective gear for over 30 years – and we’re certainly not stopping now.  

So, let’s make one thing clear: we are not a “backup solution.” One of the many aspects of our business that we do not take lightly is product inventory; and, when it matters the most, we have proven time and time again that Lakeland is standing by – ready to supply and protect.   

Lakeland maintained its focus on the businesses who were being left behind during 2020’s PPE crisis, helping pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology companies achieve their goals and keep the world safe. Our mission to protect not only the people wearing the protective apparel, but also the environments in which they are worn, has been and always will be at the forefront of how we operate. We take great pride in bringing innovative, quality protective garments to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research industries. 

Lakeland has an unrivaled sense of motivation and duty, with protection truly being our passion and driving goal in business. In fact, we continue to gain our customer’s confidence by: 

  • Creating an even more robust supply chain for raw materials 
  • Having multiple validated sources for critical services 
  • Further expanding our clean-manufacturing operations globally 
  • Expanding our domestic warehousing 
  • Adopting green initiatives to reduce waste for our end-users 
  • Enhancing our line of clean-manufactured cleanroom apparel to go across market sectors 

Lakeland CleanMax Cleanroom Garments®

Lakeland is currently fully inventoried with both sterile and non-sterile CleanMax®, general purpose isolation gowns, and level 2 non-surgical isolation gowns. Ideally suited for use in ISO Class 4-8 cleanrooms and all controlled environments, CleanMax® is made with a microporous film laminate and with bound seams to comply with FDA regulations. Additional CleanMax® features include: 

  • Latex-free & silicone-free 
  • Tunneled elastic 
  • Resistant to blood and body fluid penetration, viral penetration, and BBPs 
  • Garments are folded for easy donning and individually packaged to reduce wrinkling 
  • Easy open strip on packaging yields less handling when donning 

We are so confident in CleanMax®’s ability to impress and protect that we are now offering samples of CleanMax® so customers can experience the Lakeland standard of quality for themselves. Contact us today to learn more and request your sample of CleanMax® 



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