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As comfortable as it is functional, Lakeland’s High Performance FR Waffle Hoodie with Gaiter was designed with the knowledge that no two days on the job are the same. Whether you’re high up on a utility pole or down in the mud at an oil field, protective clothing needs to be an asset, not a liability.

Lakeland is proud that its High Performance FR Waffle Hoodie with Gaiter received a 2021 NECA Show Stopper Award at this year’s LIVE Convention and Trade Show in Nashville.

And show-stop it does. This uniquely designed garment is one of Lakeland’s most popular for good reason. Made with superior fibers that offer inherent moisture management, this stylish middle layer garment offers workers the warmth and dryness needed as the cold season approaches.

Paired with a moisture wicking base layer, the middle layer High Performance FR Waffle Hoodie with Gaiter continues to move moisture away from the body while not losing body heat. Lakeland’s FR/AR Layering System was designed with flexibility in mind, so as a worker’s activity increases and the day warms up, their overall dryness remains the same.

Comfort is only one part of the of what Lakeland’s High Performance FR line offers. Lakeland’s FR/AR Layering System offers some of the highest levels of protection in the industry. While wearing a High Performance FR Waffle Hoodie, a worker can reach a CAT 4 (43cal/cm2) effective arc rating with just one other lightweight Lakeland base layer. Building upon one of Lakeland’s base layers allows workers to achieve superior performance, protection, and comfort.

Waffleknit hoodie - NECA

Lakeland’s High Performance FR Waffle Hoodie with Gaiter is the perfect addition to any closet. Being the only garment to receive a 2021 NECA Show Stopper Award is a testament to how Lakeland’s design stands above the rest.

Learn more about Lakeland’s Layering System by clicking here.

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