LAKE A XF Standard Fire Suits

Style Number: ZFMH-LAKE A(DRD) Category:
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  • The product has passed the test of GA10-2014 Firefighter Protective Clothing¯¼
  • The style conforms to the type regulations of Gongxiao (2017) No. 41 on the Type Requirements for Type 17 Fire-fighting Protective Clothing Style Identification (Tentative)¯¼
  • Products include tops and suspenders in a four-layer fabric structure¯¼
  • Outer layer is NomexIIIA permanent flame retardant fabric, waterproof breathable layer is high quality arylon spunlaced fabric covered with PTFE film, heat insulation layer is double quality arylon durable spunlaced felt, comfort layer is arylon and flame retardant viscose fiber blend material.

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LAKE A XF Standard Fire Suits

LAKE A firefighting suits
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