Interceptor® Plus – Level A, Front Entry, Gas-Tight and Vapor-Tight

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Interceptor® Plus the ultimate in chemical protection with the most extensive chemical data in the industry. Gas-Tight and Vapor-Tight.

Made from a high strength nonwoven with non-halogenated films on other side.Fabrics have better abrasion resistence,higher tensile strength and puncture resistance,better durability.

Double layer visor system (PVC inside, Teflon outside) with unique, patented etched sealing system for a stronger and more secure seal

Front entry 122cm gas-tight zipper with double protective storm flap

Double layer glove system (inner polymer chemical glove / outer butyl glove)

Attached sock with boot overflap for full seal





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Interceptor® Plus – Level A, Front Entry, Gas-Tight and Vapor-Tight

Interceptor® Plus – Level A, Front Entry,Gas-Tight and Vapor-Tight.

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