Lakeland® FR Pants PT

Style Number: Pants PT Category:
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  • Front enclosure with FR zipper and buttonn
  • Contrast color pockets & waist lining (orange unless specified)n
  • 2 side pocketsn
  • 2 hip pocketsn
  • Elasticized waist with belt loopn
  • Adjustable pants bottomn
  • EN standard certified style

The following fabrics to meet your requirementsn

  • 7.7oz FRCn
  • 9.0oz FRCn
  • 7.0oz TSPn
  • 5.8oz TSPn
  • 4.5oz Nomex IIIAn
  • 6.0oz Nomex IIIAn
  • 6.5oz DH >
  • HIF

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Pants PT

Lakeland® FR Pants PT

Pants PT
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