Lakeland® Arc Flash CAT3 Protective Jacket

Style Number: AR26-J-DH Category:
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  • uses nanex® fiber sewing thread sewing.
  • Double -layer plackets, the outer placket is closed.
  • Hard resin zipper.
  • The front -side mezzanine design, better positive protection.
  • 2 chest pockets.
  • Embroidery ATPV value on the upper side of the left chest pocket.
  • 2 hidden oblique pockets.
  • Tight waist design.
  • The metal auxiliary or accessories that are not easy to induce arcs are not used.

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ar48 g dh 1

Lakeland® Arc Flash CAT3 Protective Jacket

26 CAL/CM2, 2 layer of DH fabrics

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