ALM 700 Capucha con protector facial dorado reflectante – sin espacio para equipo de respiración.

Número de estilo: ALM710

Outer layer of 545gsm Gentex “Dual Mirror”® aluminised glass fabric with inner 182gsm nylon taffeta/neoprene steam barrier and additional 160gsm Thermal glass barrier with aluminium foil. 100% aluminium surface for maximum radiant heat reflectivity. Steam barrier allows use in areas where steam or hot moisture is a risk. Inner thermal barrier provides high level protection against radiant heat. EN Class 4 Radiant Heat protection: (Time to 24oC rise in temperature behind fabric – >600s: Class 4 is highest class: threshold = 95s). Hood with gold reflective visor – without BA accommodation Also tested for convective and contact heat. Should be worn with other styles to cover full body and provide full EN 11612 heat protection.

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