ChemMax™ 4 Plus - Superior, Advanced Chemical Protection. Now Supported by PermaSURE®

ChemMax™ 4 fabric uses a combination of multiple polymer films laminated to spunbonded PP substrate to create a high barrier against a wide range of hazardous chemicals.

Tough and durable, ChemMax™ 4 can be used multiple times if undamaged and uncontaminated. The high-tech European-manufactured extrusion fabric construction results in a smoother, softer, more flexible and more consistent finish than bonded or glued competitors and with none of the ‘pinching’ or crushed bond points seen in competitor fabrics.

ChemMax™ 4 is tested against a full range of chemical warfare agents for anti-terror and civil defence operations.

Combined with a double-zip and storm flap front fastening design, cushioned double-layer knee pads and Lakeland's Super-B style coverall for superior fit, wearability and durability, this makes ChemMax™ 4 the pinnacle for Type 3 & 4 high hazard chemical protection.

Note that ChemMax™ 4 Plus is available as standard in yellow, with green and khaki available on request - minimum order quantities may apply.

Download Lakeland’s Guide to the Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing to assist in improved selection of the best suit for the job and for permeation and physical properties comparisons.

Powered by Permasure®

Use with Permasure® for easy and instant access to real-world Safe-Use times and hazard data for over 4000 chemicals.

Advantages of PermaSURE®

  • Free, mobile-friendly online tool
  • Models permeation rates and provides safe-use times by incorporating environmental, temperature and chemical exposure factors.
  • State-of-the-art technology developed initially by leading Polymer chemists for defense forces to quickly determine which suits are needed for various chemical warfare agents and dual use chemicals.
  • Based on the known molecular characteristics and behavior of 4000+ chemicals interacting with ChemMax® 4 Plus.

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ChemMax™ 4 Plus Brand Features

  • High barrier fabric for difficult chemical
  • Double zip / storm flap for secure protection to front fastening
  • All chemical suits are available in a special “plus” design featuring attached boots with over-flaps and double elasticated cuffs
  • Tunnelised elastic to hood, cuffs and ankles
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ChemMax® 4 Plus Specifications
  • Seam Types: Stitched and taped
  • Material:
  • Garment Configurations: Coverall with 3 piece hood, inset sleeves, 2 piece diamond crotch gusset, elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles
  • Colours: Yellow. Green and khaki to order (with MOQ's)
  • Packaging: Individually vacuum packed
  • Fabric Testing: Permeation tested against a range of chemicals
  • Chemical Handling
  • Petrochemical and Refining applications
  • Higher hazard chemical protection
  • Contaminated land clearing
  • Chemical clean-ups and spill management
  • EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4)
  • EN 13982 (Type 5)
  • EN 13034 (Type 6)
  • EN 1149-5 (Anti-static)
  • EN 14126 (Bio hazard / infectious agents)
  • EN 1073 (radiation contaminated dusts)