ChemMax™ 2 - Quality, Value, Durability with the Proven Protection of Saranex® 23P Barrier Film.

ChemMAX™ 2 fabric uses Dow Saranex® 23P barrier film – soft, flexible and tried and tested around the world over decades. See Lakeland’s guide to the selection of limited life coveralls for hazardous chemical protection.

ChemMAX™ 2 fills the gap between the limited ranges offered by competitors and offers an extremely soft and flexible fabric with a more competitive option for many applications requiring chemical protection. Tests indicate ChemMAX™ 2 offer equivalent or better permeation barrier than more expensive alternatives for 63% of chemicals tested! In addition, its mechanical strength properties are equal or better according to most CE measures.

This means in many applications where more expensive competitors are used ChemMAX™ 2 is a realistic alternative... and it is lighter, softer and more flexible so will enhance comfort levels... and will reduce cost as it is considerably less expensive.

Download Lakeland’s Guide to the Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing to assist in improved selection of the best suit for the job and for permeation and physical properties comparisons.

ChemMax™ 2 Brand Features

  • Soft and flexible fabric for superior comfort
  • Wide range of chemical barrier at cost-effective price
  • Taped seam means a fully sealed seam against liquid and dust ingress
  • Double zip / storm flap for secure protection to front fastening
  • Double layer cushioned knee-pads for comfort and security
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ChemMax® 2 Specifications
  • Seam Types: Stitched and taped
  • Material: Saranex® 23P film with two layers of a unique bi-component spunbond nonwoven substrate
  • Garment Configurations: Coverall with elastic hood, cuffs, ankles and waist, double zip & Storm flap front fastening. “Plus” versions with attached boots and / or double cuffs
  • Colours: White with grey taped seams
  • Packaging: Individually vacuum packed
  • Fabric Testing: Permeation tested against a range of chemicals
  • Chemical Handling
  • Petrochemical and Refining applications
  • Oil-spill clean-ups
  • Higher hazard chemical protection
  • Contaminated land clearing
  • EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4)
  • EN 13982 (Type 5)
  • EN 13034 (Type 6)
  • EN 1149-5 (Anti-static)
  • EN 14126 (Bio hazard / infectious agents)
  • EN 1073 (radiation contaminated dusts)