Garments suitable for Type 3 and 4 liquid chemical spray protection

Type 3 & 4 garments are certified to standard EN 14605; garments for protection against liquid sprays of hazardous chemicals. Although defined in a single standard these Types define two distinct levels of liquid chemical protection and understanding the difference can be useful for garment selection.

The Types are defined by the "finished garment Type Tests"; tests on the whole garment which replicate the different types of liquid spray that might be found in real world applications. Both involve a test subject entering a cabin and being sprayed with a specific liquid in a specific format, emerging afterwards and with a defined method of identifying penetration of the liquid inside the garment with a pass or fail assessment. Whilst the liquid used is the same (lowered surface tension and died so any penetration is apparent) the difference in the type of spray is what defines each Type.

Type 3: a single jet spray applying considerable pressure and directed at possible weak points in the garment (such as seams and openings).

Type 4: a "shower-like" spray from four nozzles at the side of the cabin. Little pressure is applied from the spray on the garment but the garment is soaked over a one minute duration.

Most chemical suits are BOTH Type 3 & 4, but by identifying that your application is Type 4 rather than Type 3 allows greater options for comfort such as choosing a Cool Suit and all the benefits associated.

For more information on selection of Type 3 & 4 chemical suits download our "Guide to Chemical Suit Selection" or view our on-line complete guide "How to select the right chemical protective clothing"

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