TomTex™ Coverall - double zip & storm flap and elasticated hood, cuffs, waist and ankles

Style Number: ETO428Translations

Lightweight Type 3/4 coverall designed for agricultural and industrial spray cleaning applications.

  • HDPE film co-extruded with spunbond PP for a smooth and consistent fabric with superior handle and drape.
  • Very soft, flexible and lightweight fabric for superior comfort. Stitched and taped seams with double zip and storm-flap front fastening.
  • Very low noise level for increased comfort.
  • Pale green colour - ideal for public operations.
  • Improved Super-B style coverall: superior fit, wearability and durability.

Features: Tape sealed seams, Double zip / storm flap front fastening, Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, "Super B“ pattern

SM - 3XL
Case Size


TomteX™ Permeation Data
Challenge ChemicalCAS NumberPhysical StateNormalized Breakthrough Time
AcetoneNot Tested
AcetonitrileNot Tested
Carbon DisulphideNot Tested
DichloromethaneNot Tested
DiethylamineNot Tested
Ethyl AcetateNot Tested
n-hexaneNot Tested
Sodium Hydroxide>480 
Sulphuric Acid (96%)>480
TetrahydrafuranNot Tested
TolueneNot Tested

Permeation test data relates to "Normalised Breakthrough" which measures the time for the permeation rate to reach a specific speed (In CE EN 6529 testing, 1.0µg/min/cm2 and in US ASTM F739 testing, 0.1µg/min/cm2). This does not indicate when the chemical first breaks through the fabric and is not an indication of how long the suit can be safely used as the chemical may have permeated through the fabric before the Normalised Breakthrough time. This might be critical in cases of chemicals with high toxicity.