TomteX® is an extremely lightweight flexible and cost-effective Type 3 & 4 chemical suit ideal for tank cleaning and agricultural applications.

TomteX® is an extremely lightweight and flexible Type 3 & 4 chemical protective coverall. The co-extruded lightweight high-density polyethylene barrier film provides a smooth, soft and flexible fabric which combined with green colour, stitched and taped seams results in an excellent entry-level chemical suit which is deal for agricultural spraying and similar applications.

Features the unique Super-B style with three-piece hood, inset sleeves and diamond crotch gusset for an ergonomically styled coverall with excellent durability and wearability

TomteX® Brand Features

  • Co-extruded barrier film results in lightweight, soft and flexible chemical barrier suit.
  • Stitched & taped seams for strong and impervious seams
  • Double-zip and storm flap
  • Lakeland Super-B style pattern – 3 piece hood / in-set sleeves, diamond crotch gusset
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TomteX® Specifications
  • Seam Types: Stitched and PE taped
  • Materials: PP/HDPE Co-Polymer coated material. 63 g/m₂
  • Garment Configurations: Coverall with double zip & storm flap, elasticated hood, cuffs and ankles
  • Environmental Clean Up
  • Chemical Handling
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Agricultural applications
  • Petrochemical and Refining applications
  • Pharmaceutical applications requiring chemical protection
  • Maintenance applications
  • Oil-spill clean-ups
  • EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4)
  • EN 1149-5 (Anti-static)

TomteX® garments are flammable and should not be used around heat, flames or sparks. As they are certified to the anti-static standard EN 1149-5, they may be suitable for use in some explosive atmospheres, though be aware that anti-static treatments may wear off during use. For applications where chemical protection is worn over FR protective clothing, in applications with risk of contact with flames or heat or in high risk explosive atmospheres, consider using Pyrolon® garments rather than TomteX®. Selection of the appropriate garment for an application is the final responsibility of the user and should be based on a comprehensive risk assessment conducted by a suitably qualified safety professional. Refer to the Lakeland "Guide to Chemical Suit Selection" for guidance.