Pyrolon® TPCR Chemical, FR and ARC protective Coverall - elasticated hood, cuffs, wrists & ankles

Style Number: ETPCR428

A single Pyrolon® TPCR coverall can REPLACE a combination of a woven FR garment AND a chemical protective garment in areas where FR protection and chemical protection is required or in very dirty / stressed environments where expensive FR garments will become dirty or damaged. This can reduce the cost of laundering or replacement and extending the life of expensive woven FR garments.

  • Unique, multi-risk combination of protection.
  • Coverall with elasticated hood, cuffs, waist and ankles
  • Heat and flame protection to EN 11612.
  • Chemical protection to EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4).
  • Arc protection to EN 61482.
  • High Arc Thermal protective Value of over 21 cals.
  • Tough and durable fabric - may be used multiple times if uncontaminated, clean and undamaged.

Features: Velcro closure over zipper, Double storm flap, Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, "Super B“ pattern

SM - 3XL
Case Size


Pyrolon® TPCR Physical Properties
Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Abrasion ResistanceEN 530500 cycles/Class 2
Burst StrengthISO 296090kPa / Class 2
Puncture ResistanceEN 86315N / Class 2
Tensile Strength - cdISO 1393479.3N / Class 2
Tensile Strength - mdISO 1393474.2N / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - cdEN 907363.2N / Class 4
Trapezoidal Tear - mdEN 907365.2N / Class 4
Trapezoidal Tear - meanEN 907364.2N / Class 4
Flex Cracking ResistanceISO 7854? flexes/Class 4
Hydrostatic HeadISO 811351cm / n/a
Seam StrengthEN 5082347N / Class 5