Micromax® TS Type 4 Coverall -elasticated hood, cuffs, waist and ankles TGA APPROVED

Style Number: EMNT428OE
  • Soft, flexible fabric with high moisture vapour for added comfort. Fabric passes highest in class test within EN14126 infectious agent standard.
  • Currently used widely within hospital, aged care, manufacturing, public transport for disinfecting and cleaning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also used within industries such as paint spraying, pharmaceutical, forensic (SOCO), automotive, agricultural, meat processing. Superior protection against blood and bodily fluids, tissues, vomit, urine, faeces, saliva, meat, offal, skins, bones, blood, animal urine.
  • Certified to protect against glyphosate based herbicides used for weed control
  • Widely used within biohazard waste, sewerage and rubbish operations, swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Micromax NS fabric passes ASTM F903 Liquid Penetration Test on 100% Concentration Diazinon, Motor Oil-40wt, Bleach(Household), Isocyanate based Paints, 50% Concentration on Sodium Hydroxide and 10% Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Micromax NS fabric is UPF 35 certified providing the Australian, New Zealand and PNG workforce the added sun protection when undergarments do not offer adequate all round protection .

Features: Tape sealed seams, Storm flap over zipper, Sealed seams, Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, "Super B“ pattern

SM - 3XL
Case Size
25 /case